Saturday, October 29, 2005

-web-database-server OH YEAH database-web-server-

Oh yeah.
Heard about a web database server?
Or a database web server?
Take a look at mine, a mean machine search server (made for AJAX solutions).

Test bed for 32-bit version and a URI for searching for “microsoft” in Norway:

My 64-bit version searching from 10Million records getting page 25 of people called “Bil” with page size 25.
Outputing an unbelievable 3151 bytes (scripts not included) for representing 25 persons with address and all phone numbers in a millisecond (before it gets to the router).

See it in AJAX action. Type “bil” at and hit page 9. The 1400-1500 bytes needed to represent the hits should come more or less instantly after you let go of the mouse button. If not, it is a network latency problem.

The server, working on a XEON 64 takes up 50MB RAM for serving 5GB of raw data. I guess I could have a hundred of them on the same (single processor) machine. Integration is done with SQL Server 2005 (and has been done for about a year now in production, hope I am not breaking NDAs etc. etc. but it was the best solution, so I did it)

Well, my 64-bit webservices database server will be even more fun.

Thank you, Microsoft and Intel.

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