Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP / Windows 7 x32 – Initial experience

No problems.

Hardware is Virtual PC image on Vista/64 laptop.

Setup is

  • No UAC
  • 1GB RAM for the image
  • 10 logical disks on three image files, 64Kb cluster size for data drives
  • Separated prog files db files, temp files and log files

I installed SQL Server engine and Integration services and tried some complex SSIS packages created for 2008. I use

  • custom data flow components
  • script based deployment
  • hierarchy of packages (packages calling other packages)
  • custom Meta Data Repository
  • advanced configuration
  • …other potentially problematic things

Packages implements ETL for an enterprise data warehouse.
Things seem to work as is, product looks better than I expected. I get a RC feeling using this thing, if only things performed in the virtual environment, but it still does not, all GUI tools are IMO slow, but this might be because of fragmentation on disk holding vhd. I'll fix fragmentation and have another look. I'll also try an ongoing "appliance project" I have, that demands compatibility with on many parts of the internal SQL Server meta models.

I have a good feeling with the new SQL Server.

That's it; have a good one,